“Hard to Believe” Q&A Highlights

Dr. Paddy Rodney shared her views on the issue of forced organ harvesting, consisting of values, context, ethical reflections, human rights, praxis at all levels, goals, actions, and an integration of ethics and policy. She advised that we need to understand that consent is a legal and ethical imperative, and opened the discussion on how we can move forward.

She also emphasized the need to understand that individuals (family, community, organization, larger systems) are always located in political, economic, social, and geographic structures. Therefore, we have local, provincial, national, international and global obligations for justice. By accepting that organ harvesting is a shared international problem, we can then create a sense of moral community, working within and across nations, from the local levels through to the international/global levels.

Ethan Gutmann provided an update to Bloody Harvest and The Slaughter (for more info, watch this video) and shared the news that the movie production of the novel, Larry’s Kidney, which promotes organ transplant tourism, has been postponed indefinitely as a result of people’s increasing awareness of organ harvesting and efforts to put a stop to this atrocious crime against humanity.